Lowlands Farm RDA, Lowlands Equestrian Centre, Old Warwick Road, Shrewley CV35 7AX Tel. 01926 843403 (yard phone - for current RDA riders' bookings etc.) or 07908 793378 (general enquiries)


Thank you to Lowlands Farm RDA photographer Louise Clarke for the fantastic images.

Our horses and ponies provide therapy with amazing physical and psychological benefits. Even more importantly, its great fun! 

With your help we can do even more.

Lowlands Farm RDA provides disabled people of all ages and disabilities with the opportunity to find new experiences, different connections and a sense of achievement through inspirational and progressive therapeutic riding sessions designed to deliver both physical and psychological benefits.

Side-walkers and lead rein – as our volunteers are categorised – will tell you how an experienced horse will adapt its behaviour and response to the ability of the rider. How some children on the autistic spectrum find it easier to relate to the horse than to people. How the gentle natural rhythm of a horse’s walk helps physically disabled riders relax into the saddle which in turn develops core strength.

Riding takes concentration, balance, and a communication with the horse. It provides the opportunity for people with limited horizons to overcome fears, discover new skills, engage in different relationships and a build new self-confidence.

It’s not what we do that makes this story …. but the difference it has on our riders lives.

Sometimes I feel that I am trapped in this body, but when I ride it's like being set free to run again – only the horse is my legs. I feel alive again when I ride.

Before my stroke horses were my whole life. Initially I shied away from RDA, but then I made the transition from physiotherapist bed to the saddle and riding has replaced my painful physio with fun, warmth, and more enjoyable treatment.

For me the physical therapy is a bonus, mentally it means so much more.

Your chatting helped relaxed me and finally the horrid muscle group that wouldn't let go when walking suddenly started to stretch a little. 10 mins doesn't sound a lot, but to me with wonky legs and pain it felt like I'd done a hard hours training. Thank You Erica for sharing your history.... this helped me tremendously. I know you all know how I feel too.

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